Our Programs

Collaborative & Innovative

Entertainment Industry Training for the Community

Arlington, TX
Jan-May Programs

The Joy of Music and Movement will be training the youth and adults in the entertainment industry. How to enter the industry professionally and advance your skills in all performing arts.

There will be two sessions a month on specific skills in the Entertainment Industry.

These Master Class Programs are three hour trainings for $50 per class. Two sessions a month for $80.

JoyofMM Master Class Schedule.jpg

Dance Training

Dallas, TX

Arts Integration Program

The Joy of Music and Movement will be training the youth in movement to advance their skills in dance. Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community.

This arts integrated program takes place in Fort Worth Texas


Training with ED Youth Foundation

This Cheer/Dance Program is partnered with ED Youth Foundation for cheer /dance training for Desoto Community. 


Monthly Payment Due the 1st of Every Month

Training Tuesdays  and Saturdays